Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

World Fashion Journal’s mission statement includes empowering women and influencing others around the world, and one way we would like to do that is by promoting the support of beginning entrepreneurs in developing countries, particularly women. For many women, developing their own businesses is one of the only ways to make money to support themselves and their families. Besides the elements of income and survival, women’s entrepreneurship also contributes to the better well-being of communities and a stronger economy for the country. According to Linda M. Scott, DP World Professor at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, in many developing countries, women’s entrepreneurship has been used as a poverty alleviation strategy. It has been custom in these countries to put “women in their place” in the home. In these cases, women are only seen as birth givers, caretakers, and cooks. Women in developing countries are not given the opportunity to receive an education, and this puts the economy of these countries at an extreme disadvantage. Not only are women and families hurt from this system, but countries have been hurt as well. With only 50 percent of people in the work force (men), families are only receiving one form of income and research has shown that men’s incomes do not have the same beneficial impact compared to those of women. According to her article, “Thinking Critically About Women’s Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries,” Scott claims that women's entrepreneurship is often used as a poverty alleviation strategy, because when women are working, they invest their earnings in children and the community which therefore produces positive outcomes for the economic development of the country. Supporting women entrepreneurs, is also the support for education for young children which can lead to more opportunities for formal employment for women. When women succeed in the businesses they have created, they influence their children and are more likely to value education for their children as well, therefore positively affecting the workforce. There are many organizations that allow people to support women entrepreneurs whether it be through micro-financing or development programs. Here is a list of some great organizations to check out!


Kahsf Foundation-- http://kashf.org/


Author: Lauren Anderson, Creator & Founder of World Fashion Journal